Permaculture. Italians are incredibol

April Fish, noto giornalista inglese da sempre attento ai temi della permacultura, traccia 7 buoni motivi per cui organizzare la Convergenza Europea di Permacultura 2016 in Italia è una cosa positiva. E lo fa nella sua lingua madre.

convergenza permacultura bolsena

It miss little. At september 2016 Bolsena (Italy) will be the place of the European Permaculture Convergency. Super wow. All the italian permacultors are ready to welcome the guests very important that will come from the ester.

Effettivamentely the idea to have the Convergency in Italy is good, for 7 hymnegable motives.

1) Permaculture in Italy is veramentely dappertutt

permacultori italiani
Orts of Bolsena, Preparativs with Pacchamatour 2016

A sack of italians are very expert of permaculture and infact a part of this sack are vegans. Not only. Italians do the orts. Orts are an Italian tradition. They love the orts. Pomodors, cavols, carrots, broccolis and finocchiona… Italians have forever be permacultors in the story, other that Mollison and Holmgrem, with respect speaking! And after, Italians have the mediterranean diet, not pizza and figs…

2) All the Italians speak inglish very well

Convergenza Europea Permacultura
Official interpreter at the European Permaculture Convergency, Bolsena 2016

If you must do an European Convergency there is no best decision. The Italian internet site of the event demonstrate it with a sack of wonderful pages for very permis.

3) Italians are sottovalueted when we speak of making big events.

Eventi permacultura
Italian pemacultor organiser of big event in Pisa, Toscany 1982

Let stay Expo, we are speaking of serious things. This is the occasion to see that not only the Inglish, the Tedesc and the people with blond capells in general are good to do a big figure. Italians are very brave to make biiiiiiig figures in all the world. Ask who you want.

4) Italians go forever daccord

permacultura italiana bolsena
Young italian permacultors in herb partecipating at the course ‘Permacalciur & Pipolcher’

They dont make war in the permaculture sector, they make love. They encounter and make love speaking of permaculture like very brothers, Caino and the other, for exempol. They have created only one Italian associazion of permaculture and collaborate with love dappertutt.

5) Italians are the best in marketing

marketing permacultura
Responsable of Comunichescion of Permaculture of Convergency of Europe of Bolsena

Today is 21 June and all the Italians are consapevols of the Convergency in arrival. The site magically functions. There is a sack of informations online and a page with 300 followers. They dont speak of other! Infacts permaculture in Italy is very very important for all. The parliament is full of lombrics, for exempol.

6) Italians are secchions in permaculture

convergenza permacultura bolsena
Italian student of permaculture during a PDC

They read a very grand quantity of free PDF about permaculture. And after, they public a mountain of books and rivists in Italian about permaculture. Italians love biblioteques. They love photocopy or condividy online. And their mothers too. Italians know it very long.

7) In Italy they dont smoke plants of drug
convergenza europea permacultura

This is a peccat, I know, but is best for the Convergency in way that all are capaches of understand the meetings, the conferences and to be brave persons, capaches as well of remember their names.

I am secure that we are going to have an incredibol European Convergency in Bolsena from the 7th to the 11th September 2016 first of all why Italians are very brave to ironize, addirittur on they same and if sombody offends himself, we are preparing an online seminar entitled: how to capish the jokes.

They have a big heart, the Italians. They love nature. They are naturals.

They are piss and love.

Come to the Convergency and make piss and love with us.


Click here for the official Inn of the European Permaculture Convergency


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I responsabili di questo sito saranno presenti alla Convergenza Europea, hanno già acquistato i biglietti e vi invitano a fare altrettanto!

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